The Detroit Public Schools Community District Homework Hotline is a free resource available for all DPSCD students that encourages outstanding achievement by giving students an additional platform to ask for help and emphasize problem solving skills. Students and families can call in for help with Literacy and/or Math homework. The Homework Hotline is provided in partnership with United Way for Southeastern Michigan. Visit https://www.detroitk12.org/Page/9660#calendar16189/20190318/month for more information.


    Dear DPSCD Parents & Families,

    Our goal is to ensure all students have the opportunity to stay enganged in continuous learning every day.  Your child has acccess to online blednded learning tools in the classroom and also outside of school to help improve student performance.


    Access to i-Ready & myOn

    • Go to Clever:https://clever.com/in/dpscd
    • Click "Log in with Active Directory"
    • Enter: District Username & Password
    • Choose your application!

    Access to Khan Academy

    • Go to Khan: https://www.khanacademy.org
    • Click "Login"
    • Enter Khan Usernam & Password
    • Click "Courses" (upper left corner)
    • Click "SAT" under Test Prep


    District Username & Password

    • Username: studentsID#@thedps.org
    • Example:12345678@thedps.org
    • Password:first letter of first name in uppercase, first letter of last name in lower case, 2 digit of their birth month, 2 digit of their birth year, 01(male) or 02 (female)
    • Example: Jane Doe's birthday is May 13, 2004; her password is Jd050402