• Counselor's Name & Curriculum: 

    Lauren Kazin (laurein.kazin@detroitk12.org)-Assistant Principal in Charge of Guidance and Counciling Department

    Nikisha Kimbrough (nikisha.kimbrough@detroitk12.org)-Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

    Wenday McCalep-Edwards (wenday.mcalep-edwards@detroitk12.org)-Communications, Music

    Sylvia Sanders (sylvia.sanders02@detroitk12.org)-Graphic Arts, Commercial Arts

    Christopher Rogers (christopher.rogers@detroitk12.org)-Chemical Biological

    Lisa Gooden (lisa.gooden@detroitk12.org-Performing Arts, Science & Arts

    Angela Moffitt (angela.moffitt@detroitk12.org)-Chemical Engineering, Architecture & Design, Manufacturing Technology 

    Monica Jones (monica.jones@detroitk12.org)-Human Services, Scholarship Coordinator

    Keisha Boyd (keisha.boyd@detroitk12.org)-College Transition Advisor

    Additional Information from the Class of 2018:

    Scholarship total: $64.7 million

    Total graduates: 554

    Accepted to 4 year universities: 445

    Accepted to 2 year universities: 54

    Accepted to HBCUs: 44

    Entering Military: 7

    Notable Admissions:

    Josh McIntosh-Georgetown

    Zion Slaughter- Dartmouth

    Alonzo Rodriguez- Stanford

    Breana Ramsey- Wayne State University (full undergrad and medical school)

    Montana Travis- Amherst College