Staff FAQs for Online Learning in January

      Online Learning in January

      • When will online learning begin?

      • When will F2 instruction resume?

      Technology for Online Learning

      • Who is eligible to get a loaner laptop and/or hotspot?

      • When or where can students and families check out loaner laptops and/or hotspots?

      • Who is deploying the loaner laptops and hotspots?

      • Has anything changed about how to prepare or check out laptops to students?

      • When are students expected to return devices back to their school?

      • Can students pick up a laptop or hot spot at one of the Hub locations?

      • Will Hub sites be available for support and repairs?

      Staff Reporting Expectations

      • Who is reporting F2F to support technology deployment January 6th – January 11th?

      • Which staff are required to report face-to-face and which staff work remotely?

      • If an employee wants to work in the building after a negative test for better internet or access to materials such as a document camera, is this an option?

      • Can I check out other technology from my school for online learning, such as a hotspot or document camera?

      • Are staff working from home responsible for completing and submitting a work from home log to their supervisor?

      Student Services & Programming

      • Are learning centers available at schools?

      • What are the expectations for athletic practices and competitions during the online learning period?

      • Will F2F extracurricular activities take place while we are virtual?

      • Will credit recovery (after school) continue while we are virtual?

      • Can vendors support students online during the online learning period?

      • Is it correct that students attending an ESE center-based school will still not be eligible to attend the virtual school without recommendation from IEP Team if they do not have consent to COVID Testing?

      COVID Vaccination

      • Are DPSCD staff required to be fully vaccinated?

      • Has the definition of “fully vaccinated” changed to include a booster?

      • If staff members are positive now, but not yet vaccinated, will they get an extension because they have to wait a few months after being positive to get vaccinated?

      COVID Quarantine

      • Is our COVID isolation/quarantine window changing to 5 days, as recommended by the CDC?

      • For staff that test positive last week and this week, what is the procedure? Isolation time?

      COVID Testing

      • Will employees be required to still test weekly if they are working remotely?

      • Will employees who are reporting in-person (e.g. School Administrators or clericals) be required to test each week at their site?

      • If parents have submitted a negative test for their child that tested last week, do they need to test again this week through LynxDX?

      COVID Case Tracking

      • Do schools need to complete a COVID-19 case reporting survey for each employee and student who tests positive through the LYNX DX testing, in addition to those who submit positive tests from external testing?


      • Will anything change for sick days for employees testing positive at this point?

      • How do we report time for employees?

      School Calendar

      • Will students be required to complete MOY Assessments from home/virtual during this time?

      • My school is administering NAEP. What are the implications for that assessment?

      • Will there be an extension to staff evaluation deadlines?

      • Are there any changes to the report card window?

      • Will there be any adjustment made for the student Panorama survey window?

      • Are there changes to the Exam High School Application Scoring Process?

      • Will we need to make up lost school days at the end of the year?

      • Are there other events that are being postponed?