COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Through our partnership with the Detroit Health Department, DPSCD employees became some of the first with access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Through ongoing promotion, school-hosted vaccine clinics, and a $500 vaccine incentive for employees, the District reached a full vaccination rate of more than 70% of its staff by July 2021. In addition to promoting the vaccine with staff, the District collaborated with community partners to host vaccine events for students and families and will continue to do so into the 2021-22 school year.

    The City of Detroit offers vaccinations at multiple locations across the city and provides HOME VISIT vaccinations.  Just call 313-230-0505 to make an appointment. More information is available at  The District is partnering with multiple organizations to provide vaccines at school sites.  Please click on "Vaccination Events" tile below for a full listing of locations, dates and times.  Spread the word!  Anyone is welcome.
    All students age 5 and older are now eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. All employees are now eligible for the COVID-19 booster.  Find information below about locating vaccination sites, scheduling appointments, and protecting yourself and your community
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Vaccination FAQs

  • Why should I get vaccinated?

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  • What are the rules for student vaccinations?