On-Site Resource

  • We currently have an Attendance Agent available to address barriers that may interfere with a student's academic performance.  The Agent works diligently with our Thurgood Marshall Elementary/Middle School families to provide resources to help promote a safe, healthy, and consistent learning environment for our students.  


    Attendance Agent

    Mrs. Groves is ready to serve

     Faith Groves

    Mrs. Faith Groves serves at the Attendance Agent for Thurgood Marshall.  She is responsible for tracking every student's daily attendance, reaching out to parents when students are absent, and coordinating home attendance checks as needed.  Mrs. Groves is apart of the Culture and Climate committe which is responsible for organizing attendance challenges, incentive plans, and fostering open lines of communication between families and the school.  She also works closely with the administrators and teacher staff to help break down any barriers preventing students from attending school.  Please contact Mrs. Groves via email at faith.groves@detroitk12.org or call the school at 313.494.8820 for any questions.