Please Note: This story was submitted by Harrison Haywood, a senior at Cass Technical High School.

    Rumors often destroy something long before it is created. That has been the case with the developed COVID-19 vaccinations. When the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were first announced, I immediately heard/read pessimistic comments. "The vaccines are going to give people COVID-19", I heard most often. The vaccines were quickly discredited and distrusted, mainly in the minority communities.

    As an aspiring medical professional, I am aware of the importance of people trusting in our scientists and the medical professionals. I took a leap of faith and confidently made an appointment to receive the Moderna vaccine.

    By getting vaccinated, I put myself in a position to give voice to its advantages without proving to be hypocritical. I can demonstrate to the people around me that they can get vaccinated and be fine. Now that the vaccine is open to anyone 16+, people must get it as soon as they can, teens especially.

    As teenagers, we require an extent of social interaction. However, the virus has limited our ability to interact with our peers. By getting vaccinated, you can interact with your peers, following safety guidelines of course, with the assurance that you will not be endangering yourself, or the people you love. If you work to support your family, you can do so confidently without stressing about COVID-19. Finally, getting vaccinated is the fastest way to return to the lives we are all used to living.