• Let's Get Logged In

    Step 1: Go to Clever: https://clever.com/in/dpscd

    Step 2: Click "Log in with Active Directory"

    Step 3: Enter Student's Username: studentsID#@thedps.org

    • Example: 12345678@thedps.org

    Step 4: Enter Student's Password: first letter of first name in upper case, first letter of last name in lower case, 2 digit of their birth month, 2 digit of their birth year, 01 (male) or 02 (female)

    • Example: Jane Doe's birthday is May 13, 2004; her password is Jd050402

    For more information about logging in to Clever, please see the Clever Login Instructions (EspañolArabicBengali).

    Please contact your child's school or the Parent Hotline (313-240-4377) if you do not know your child's Student ID. 

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Troubleshooting Guide for Parents

  • What if my child is not in a class Team that he or she believes they should be? 

  • How will my child locate their Class Teams? 

  • How will my child locate their Teams calendar and online class sessions? 

  • What if my child becomes locked out of their student account? 

  • How will my students and I connect with instructors on Teams?