Flexible Options for Families - Learning Centers

    DPSCD schools will be offering Learning Centers in their buildings as a third learning model option to support our students and their families.

  • What is a Learning Center and why are they offered?

    Learning Centers will offer families the opportunity to participate in online learning in a school-based setting. Students will take their online classes in a school with the on-site supervision of a DPSCD staff member. Learning centers will operate during regular school hours.

    This option allows schools to honor parents’ choice of an in-person option while respecting the decisions of teachers who prefer to work remotely.


    What will schools offer at a Learning Center?

    Students will be able to participate in their online learning classes at the school with the on-site supervision of a school staff member. Learning Centers will offer breakfast and lunch, internet and device access, transportation (if eligible), recess, opportunities for student socialization and the same safety protocols that are available in our face-to-face classrooms.

    Learn more about the safety measures in our schools.

    Learn more about our online learning model and access to devices.

  • How can I sign up for the Learning Center option?

    Families should inform the school of their interest in using the learning center. Families can select which days their child will be on site at the school, but the Learning Center cannot be used as a drop-in site. Students must have a consistent schedule each quarter.

    Questions? Contact your school or the Parent Hotline at 313-240-4377