• Face-to-Face Learning

    Face-to-face learning resumes on March 8 for many DPSCD students. The decision to return to in-person learning and teaching follows careful and consistent use of science and data by closely monitoring COVID-19 infection rates as well as the District’s and DFT’s steadfast commitment to keep our students and employees safe. Students attend their school five days per week. Face-to-face students also have access to internet-enabled devices and academic support resources.  

    As it did for the opening of summer school in July and again at the start of the current academic year, DPSCD has extensive safety guidelines in place to protect students and employees. Safety measures include the required wearing of masks, deep daily cleaning of schools, classrooms, and buses as well as the taking of daily temperature and symptoms checks. Schools and classrooms will have an ample supply of soap and hand sanitizer. In addition, all schools have nurses and safety checks are undertaken in schools weekly for compliance. All classrooms will follow social distancing protocols as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which includes six feet of social distancing, daily cleaning checks, and no more than 20 students in a room. The district will also start feeder pattern voluntary COVID testing for employees, students, and families to detect outbreaks. The full reopening plan is reviewed monthly by the District’s Board.

    Even if a school cannot offer face-to-face instruction, all schools will offer a Learning Center option to families where students can come on-site to a school to complete their online learning in a supervised setting. Students will receive meals, recess, and internet-enabled devices. 

    Learn more about Learning Centers! 


    DPSCD Face-to-Face Safety Walkthrough

    How will breakfast, lunch, and snacks be provided to students?

    Students will be served Breakfast on the Go after clearing screening as they enter the building. Breakfast will be consumed in the classroom. Students will also report to the identified serving area in the building to receive lunch and will then report back to the classroom to consume their meal. Snacks will also be served in classrooms.

    What will specials/elective classes and recess look like in the upcoming school year? 

    All classes will practice social distancing to the extent possible as recommended by the CDC. Daily, staff will review distancing and cleanliness protocols that support the safety of all students and staff, including while overseeing recess. Please speak with your child about why certain actions are being taken in a manner that expresses care and concern — rather than fear. The District is working hard to maintain students’ access to elective courses, however, there may be more limited elective offerings based on social distancing and online learning requirements.

    Will before and after school care and after school clubs still meet? 

    Several schools have shown interest in offering before and after school care. The District is working to create structures for clubs, such as Academic Games, Chess, and Robotics to be offered online. As in any year, these offerings are subject to the willingness of an adult or educator to coach or host the club/team. We anticipate that there will be a limited number of in-person offerings of these opportunities throughout the District as well.

    Smart Safety Resources

    Families, students and staff play a critical role in the health and safety of our school and home communities. As we work to maintain a healthy school environment, we ask that you complete the following practices to ensure a safe return to school and an enduring healthy school environment.

    Daily Health Screener 

    Every morning each family must complete the COVID-19 Screening Tool for Families prior to sending students to school. If the answer is yes to any of the questions, please keep your child at home and contact your primary care provider. DPSCD staff must also complete a screener each morning. Anyone exhibiting symptoms should not physically report to school and should seek medical attention.

    Wear Masks - Staff and students must wear masks on the bus and during the school day. We will have a supply of mask available if in needed. If your child can not wear a mask a note from your child’s health provider will be required.

    COVID Safety Video

    We ask that all families watch the following video with your child to help tthem understand the basics of COVID-19 and how we as a community can do our best to remain safe and healthy.

    Infectious Disease - Coronavirus - Pediatrics - Knowing The Basics from Spectrum Health on Vimeo.

    Student Emotional and Mental Well-being

    We know that after this prolonged closure, many of our students and staff will require physical health and social-emotional supports. All schools will have a school nurse and school counselor, equipped with tools and resources to support students and maintain our whole child commitment.

    For a full list of health resources visit https://www.detroitk12.org/Page/7661

    Health Tips

    Update Student Immunizations

    Ensure that your child is up to date on immunizations. We also recommend that every child receive a Flu vaccine each year. If your child is overdue for immunizations, please call your child’s health provider or the Detroit Health Department at 313-876-4667.

    Encourage Proper Hygiene

    Please encourage students to wash hands often at home and at school – this includes before and after eating, and after using the restroom. Also remind students to keep unwashed hands away from eyes, nose and mouth, and to cover coughs with a tissue, or cough into a sleeve or elbow. Avoid sharing cups (including water bottles) and utensils with other individuals.

    Make sure to keep good health habits.

    This includes getting plenty of sleep, staying active, eating healthy foods and drinking lots of fluids. If your child has not had a physical in the last year, please call your child’s doctor to schedule.

    Report Positive COVID case- If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please contact the school and report the case to the principal. If someone reports that they tested positive for COVID to you and they attend a District school, please ask them to inform their principal.