• DSA Debate Team

    JV Debate

    DSA is a member of the Detroit Urban Debate League. The parent organization is located in Chicago- The National Association of Urban Debate Leagues.
    The Debate League gives urban debaters an opportunity to explore and participate in an academic sport dominated by “non-marginalized” groups- Policy debating. 
    Nationwide, there are over 40 participating school districts school districts with at least 8-10 schools participating from each district. Participating schools and debaters compete each school year in six mandatory Master Tournaments and several non-league tournaments. At the end of each season, depending on funding, one to two teams from each Urban Debate participating school participate in the National Tournament. Last year’s National Tournament was held in Washington DC at Georgetown University. 
    Many high school debaters have the opportunity to earn scholarships and compete in college if they decide to continue debating after high school. College debating usually affords many debaters discounted room and board, reduced tuition, and the opportunity to travel via competing in tournaments and produces brilliant orators, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, Analysts and Educators!