• Pre-K at Home Learning Plan

    Pre-K students should be engaged in a variety of activities while at home.  It is most important for families to read and talk to their Pre-K children.  Please use the tools below to support continued learning with our youngest students: 

    Time of Day




    Breakfast and free play

    Eat and get ready for the day as your child would on a normal school day


    Focus Activity

    Focus your child toward what you will be doing for the next segment of your day. Allow for puzzles, books, journals and small toy exploration. Have them practice writing their name daily. Assist them with this at the beginning by using a model but slowly allow them to take total control. Use crayons, markers, pencils, paint brushes etc. Mix it up!


    Focus Meeting

    Talk about what you are about to do for the day. Preview what activities you have planned for the day. Read a nursey rhyme or a poem.


    Choice Time

    This is the time where you allow your child to decide what toys they want to play with. Allow them to play with whatever they like, in the manner that they like (as long as it is safe). But this is the time when you play with them. Follow their lead, join in, be a partner in their play. Do not take control. Play along. Then talk about what you did and what you enjoyed. It is a bonding time and a learning time.


    Clean up, Hand Washing and Snacky

    You and your child should clean up together, putting things away right where they belong.

    This is a good time to remind your child of proper hand washing techniques and the importance of healthy habits. As you eat, talk with your child. Let them lead the conversation and model good listening and conversational techniques.


    Intentional Teaching Time

    This time you will choose a literacy or mathematics activity.


    Outdoor/Gross Motor Time

    This time is dedicated to movement. Preferable outside if the conditions are favorable: Run, jump, ride a tricycle, throw, catch – whatever gets your child moving. If going outside is not an option, try to find a place in your home where your child can really move. You may have to move your furniture to the side to create a safe space.


    Read - aloud

    Read!! Use the books you have at home. There are also books that you can download or view for free at youtube or online resources provided. Be sure to talk about what you have read and interact with the literature. Act it out. Use the dolls and action figures that you have at home to retell the story. Write or draw about it in your journal. Most of all – ENJOY the story in as many ways as you can.


    Intentional Teaching Time Pt 2

    This time you will choose a different literacy or mathematics activity.


    Music and Movement Time

    This is a great time to sing songs and dance. Let your child take the lead and move as they choose. Maybe your child can teach you some songs that they have learned in school. Keep a running list so that you can see how many you can sing.


    Lunch and Review of the Day

    Talk with your child about what you did today. What you enjoyed about the day and what you are looking forward to for tomorrow. This information may help you when you choose the activity for the next intentional teaching time.