• Over the last 8 years in the Fisher Fine Art class studio our course of study will/and has focused upon problem-solving, using the elements and principles of design in order to create expressive,  well-organized works of art. We will also focus heavily on basic drawing skill, color theory, composition and community art projects. Students will be exposed to a variety of both two and three-dimensional materials and mediums, and will also have opportunities to write about and discuss their own works, and the works of others.

    1. Students will create artworks using a variety of media and techniques.
    2. Students will identify major artists and styles.
    3. Students will begin to analyze their own artwork, other student’s work and the work of well-known artists through critiques and in-class writing.
    4. Students will develop their own style by creating sketches to plan for major art projects.
    5. Students will create a portfolio of work throughout the course that demonstrates increasing skill and ability.