Clark Preparatory Academy is a school with a MANDATORY UNIFORM POLICY. This means that all students are expected to be in complete uniform, from the first day of the school year until the last day of the school year.  This policy applies to all students. 



    White or red with a collar (button down, polo-style)


    Black, Khaki, or Blue (No blue jeans or skirts above the knee)


    Shoes need to be closed toe and enclosed all the way around.


    Black, navy blue, or white.

    General Information about the Uniform Policy:

    • Uniforms should be solid white or red and free of labels and graphics with the exception of Clark Preparatory garments.  Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
    • Anything which can be considered a detriment to the learning environment of Clark Preparatory is not acceptable.  
    • Denim (blue jean material) in any form is not acceptable.  Blue Jeans are not allowed, UNLESS for a special occation set aside by the school administration. 
    • Outside coats or jackets should not be worn inside the school building or classrooms at any time.
    • Accessories are permitted if they do not hang outside of the clothing.
    • No facial jewelry is to be worn (eyebrow, lip, or tongue).