Academic Offerings

    • ELA Reading K- 8
    • Eureka Math K-8
    • I-Ready Online Learning
    • Science Lab Grades 4-8
    • Social Studies
    • Elementary & Middle School Computer Lab

    We understand that children learn at their own pace and may need additional support to reach their academic goals. We aim to use all possible resources to promote the academic growth of every student. We have classrooms and staff members that are dedicated to working with students to maximize their successes in school.

     Available Classes and Resources:

    • Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Kindergarten for children up to 7 years old who have diagnosed academic delays.
    • Visual Impairment (VI) classroom for students with challenges with sight.  The program services elementary school students from Detroit and neighboring communities with a visual impairment who need additional support and training to access and navigate the visual components of the learning environment.
    • Mildly Cognitively Impaired (MiCI) classroom for students with identified cognitive challenges.
    • Resource Room for students with Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) and require additional instructional hours in a small group or one-on-one setting.
    • Academic Interventionists and Para-Educators who work with small groups of K-5th graders on Orton-Gillingham phonemic skills and i-Ready reading and math lessons.
    • One-to-one technology, computer labs, and i-Pads to provide students with consistent access to individualized i-Ready lessons specific to each child's needs.



    • DPSCD provides a free Homework Hotline, an after-school resource, designed to assist students with literacy and math. Students may call with questions as often as they need to ensure understanding of their daily assignments.  For homework assistance call (833) 466-3978 between the hours of 5 - 8 PM Monday-Thursday to speak directly to a DPSCD teacher.

      For more information, visit


      Homework Hotline


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