Mark Twain Dress Code

  • Female and Male Students (K-8th)

    • Navy  or light blue polo shirt
    • Navy or light blue collared cotton blouse
    • Mark Twain T-Shirt or polo shirt
    • Black or navy blue pants                                                                                                                                
    • Black or navy blue sweater                                                                                   
    • Black or navy blue sweater vest
    • Black or navy blue belt ( All pants should be belted.)
    • Black or navy blue tights or knee highs ( girls)
    • Black or navy blue crew length socks (boys or girls)
    • (Sock are to be solid color. No patterns, anklets, footies or low sport socks)
    • Black or navy blue skirts (girls)
    • (The skirt cannot be tight fitting and must be at or just above the knees in length.)

    Plain Black Shoes

    • No specialty shoes
    • No light up, glow, ankle top colored athletic shoes

    Unacceptable Dress

    • Jogging outfits
    • blue jeans
    • t-shirts
    • sports or school jerseys ( other than Mark Twain's)
    • play clothes
    • gym shorts
    • shorts
    • sweat suits
    • spandex leggings
    • jeggings
    • stretch pants
    • dangling/excessive/expensive jewelry
    • hoodies
    • sagging pants.

    No sagging pants or hoodies will be tolerated!