School Dress Code

  • All students are expected to be in uniform. 

    Blue, Black, or Khaki bottoms. 

    Shirts must be tucked in and belts worn on pants with belt loops.

    • 5th grade - yellow collard shirt/tops
    • 6th grade - light blue collard shirt/tops
    • 7th grade - white collard shirt/tops
    • 8th grade - black collard shirt/tops

    Long sleeve shirts or camisoles worn underneath uniforms tops must be white, light blue, or tan/khaki.

    • No body piercings.
    • Uniform violations may result in suspension. sagging pants, hoodies, capri pants, low cut or midriff blouses, large belt buckles and any inapporopricate attire will not be tolerated.
    • All boys are required to wear belts.