School Dress Code

  • Uniform Code Policy 2021-2022 School Year


    • Khaki or black bottoms only (no leggings, rips, or holes in pants)


    • Solid color only- navy blue, yellow or gold shirts only (shirts can be with OR without a collar)
    • Denby paraphernalia (shirts can be with OR without a collar)

    Jackets, Cardigans, & Sweaters:

    • Navy blue, yellow, or gold only
    • Jackets worn inside the school cannot have a hood


    • Once you enter the building, baseball caps, hats, or hoodies may not be worn inside of the building.


    • Closed-toe shoes (no open-toe shoes, slippers/house shoes, or flip flops are permitted)

    Other School Uniform Information:

    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at or below the knee.
    • Pants must ride at or above the hip line and cover all undergarments. Pajamas are not permitted.
    • Shoulders, mid-sections and cleavage of students must be covered at all times. No tank tops, halter tops, or sleeveless shirts are permitted during regular school hours, unless as an undergarment.
    • Baseball caps, hats, or hoodies may not be worn inside of the classrooms or in the hallways.
    • Doorags, bonnets, head scarves, bandanas or spiked accessories are not allowed in school.
    • Clothing and accessories that promote sex, weapons, alcohol, drugs, violence, gang activity, RIP, profanity, or anything deemed inappropriate is prohibited.